Outfit: Uniform of Boredom/ All Grey

Seriously, I am impressed and surprised how much you liked the last post about Instagram. It seems that you all were able to relate to that annoying Image that I wrote about and understood it with a lot of humor! I loved to make some of you smile and definitely will write similar posts more often (: But for now: getting back to the real business with an Outfit - Inspiration. Lets start with a full body picture so you don't have to read the rest of the post. This combination might not be the most exciting one, but all grey, skinny jeans and my Grid scarf are one of those combinations that are easy to play through the days when you don't feel like "fashion". It seems weird to write that on a Fashionblog, haha! But honestly, this is the best sweater in my closet, giftet by adorable Storm of the adorable two for my birthday. I got it wrapped in paper and Immediately knew what it was, ever since Storm is known for her thoughtfulness when it comes to listening. I have dropped how much I loved the sweater on her and that this Mango coziness is sold out everywhere and she got it somewhere and gifted it to me. How often have you met someone who cares so much and pays so close attention to you? I am very proud to call her my friend (:

jacket - Forever21, similar here
sweater - Mango, similar here and here 
skinny jeans - selected femme 
shoes - Esprit similar here and here
scarf - ZARA Men

How to get really famous on Instagram

Are you a Blogger and tired of getting "Sorry at the Moment we are not collaborating with small Bloggers" - Although your Blog is actually amazing and the only thing that is missing are 100K on Instagram? If you do not want to buy some fake followers and you are also too lazy to comment and like on a daily base of 5 hours, here is the ultimate guide to grow real, active followers:

1. You are rich.

Jackpot! You have the financial resources to buy interesting new stuff to show it your followers. New It Bag on the market? Got it. Nike Cortez in 5 different colors? Bitch please, this is my basic wardrobe. Hanging at the Beach of Bali on a saturday afternoon in winter, while everyone else is studying for a test? You are there to make them dream with your amazing feed. Congrats, I follow you.

BONUS: You are adventurous enough to fly every week to a place where I have to save up for for a year.

2. You look like/ are a model.

Genetic Jackpot! I love to look at your "I woke up like this selfies" And your random #nomakeup pictures at the beach or the spa. I just love to see someone without pimples for a whole month, because you never get side effects from your period and a bad hair day is still a perfect-undone-bun day for you.

BONUS: You are rich. Because then you can show something else besides your picture perfect face.

3. You have a talent.

Educational Jackpot! You can sing, cook, paint, dance , workout or take beautiful photos of landscapes or just write those amazing #inspirational quotes? I follow you - because you CAN DO stuff. I am damn jealous when I see you doing squads and I also am damn jealous when you make those #acaibowls with rainbow colored chia super matcha stuff in it.

BONUS: You have money. Because damn, this is what Instagram is basically about and you should forget about that because thats boring. Be yourself and hope that one day PR People will finally get to the point when they understand that only square pictures are not a context and we go back to the basic  Blog we take care of. LOVE to all #richkidsofinstagram out there!
PS: If you are or have a cute pet, there is still a chance to become the manager of a famous acc. Just saying.

credits: rich person: rich russian kids
model: gigi hadid
talent: ezgi polat, nadia damaso, nude yoga girl

Outfit: Layers of grey

Is anybody keen on seeing some outtakes from time to time? I recently collected a few faces of mine, telling stories about my true feelings. Especially when hanging on a parking lot of a wholesale on saturdays with my boyfriend, taking pictures of that sweater. He usually doesn't see it, but the guy from the recycling acceptance is always watching us. Not sure wether I should tell him or not because he tends to be shy. Anyway, this is my happy face, but the outtakes happen to be meme-like hilarious! I truly love them. 
Talking about Love, I am really glad to have Juule over here for the next three weeks. My ever-lasting long-distance friendship goes in the final round, since this year we will both finish our studies. No Idea where that leads us or how long we will stay where, but I definitely know that we will be free to visit each other more often. Studying is not directly the biggest boundary, but being financially limited is. But I know, the day will come when we get payed like champions and then I´ll buy some plane tickets to visit every person I miss. Just like that!

MIND: Versteckt euch nicht vor idioten #betterthanroosh

Ob Hoax oder nicht, Tatsache ist: 2016 denken einige Männer immer noch, sie dürften mit einer Frau Sex haben wie und wann sie wollen. Auch wenn sie "Nein" Sagt. Denn das heißt nach Roosh V. "Ja". Pick-Up Artists sind zwar nichts Neues, nachdem MTV schon vor Jahren diese lustige Sexismus-Show mit Rumkrieg-Tipps für den einfachen Mann von Heute ausstrahlte. Aber das war damals schon scheiße und heute wird's noch schlimmer: "MAKE RAPE LEGAL" ist eines der Claims, mit denen sich Roosh von den anderen Pick-Up Artists unterscheidet und damit gerade die 15 Minutes of Shame im Internet feiert. 

An dieser Stelle zieht sich meine Stirn zu einer einzigen Falte des Entsetzens zusammen. Und des Mitleids. Was muss in einem Kopf vorgehen, damit man solche Dinge äußert? Öffentlich? Und Zuspruch findet? Ich will es nicht wissen und sehe zu meinem Freund rüber. Er sieht sich ein Video von einer Baby-Ziege an. 

Aber zurück zu Roosh, denn diesen Samstag findet ein Meet and Great der Anhänger statt, in über 165 Städten, in insgesamt 43 verschiedenen Ländern, auch in Deutschland - Damit sie ihre geistreichen und wertvollen Gedanken über die Stellung der Frau in der Gesellschaft teilen können. Also, wozu die Aufregung über Roosh nettes Get-Together? Es war schließlich alles nur Satire, was ich auch sage, wenn ich z.B. ohne Fahrschein erwischt werde.

Roosh ist nur ein Motivationscoach für unterdrückte Männer - sagt er. Ist also die richtige Reaktion auf den Flashmob der Steinzeit Etikette Beileid für alldiejenigen, die sich Samstagabend  versammeln? Wenn man sich ihren geheimen Code ansieht, dann schon: sie fragen, "Where is the Pet Shop?" - um einen potentiellen Anhänger zu erkennen. Die Roosh Antwort lautet "Right here." - AHA! Nach einem freundschaftlichen Beschnuppern geht es dann weiter zum eigentlich wirklich geheimen Treffpunkt, wo sie ihren Plan besprechen wollen, die Herrschaft über die Frau zu erlangen.  Vielleicht passiert das in einem Internet-Cafe. Oder auf einer Bowlingbahn, auf jedem Fall an einem maskulinen Ort! Und mit Decknamen wie "Reese Enpenis" oder "Masko Lin", "Doug E. Style." -   Oder einfach Harald. Denn das sind keine Menschen, die in der Lage sind, ihr Gedankengut bei kritischen und reflektierten Bürgern zu implementieren. Das sind ziemlich arme Männer, die weder unsere Angst, noch unsere Beachtung verdient haben. Und schon gar nicht unsere Körper. 

First Illustration: foreverwonderstruck
quote: le moi being #inspring

INSPIRATION: ACNE Selow bomberjacket

Is there anybody else who doesn't want to read another post about the pantone colors of the year? Yes? Great, because we all know by now its pink and blue and thats ok for now, really. What is more interesting: ACNE STUDIOS came up with a very sweet bonbon last season - and sadly it was too expensive - even during Sale. More than 600€ is maybe not the amount of money one should spend on a very special Item, which you can not really wear every day. But lucky us got two wonderful alternatives which might solve the pink craving, covered in satin for a while. Honest Talk: I was not able to find the Mango Jacket in Small in Stores, but the Quality of the fabric was not too good - The ADPT. One is not as cheap as the MANGO one, but you definitely feel the difference - also, its not the Pantone color of the year and so you are allowed to wear it in 2017 as well ;) You can get it here.

Outfit: Striped Shirt layering

lets have some real talk - ever since some specific bloggers appeared on my desktop, layering became a statement. How weird is that, people layer as soon as its getting colder anyway. And even if, for me there is and was only one true Inspiration: The Olsen Twins. It was my very first contact with inspiration when I saw the Olsen twins wearing boyfriend shirts in 2008, back then, when they were probably to closest thing to fashion bloggers (without even having a blog). I still can't stop drooling over their effortless chic, they make me crazy jealous!
But what I can do, is dress it down - because even if I had the olsens Wardrobe, I wouldn't be as creative as them, so I picked long shirts - A wonderful way to to layer or play around with knots. There are so many ways to combine and style them! At the moment, they are stuck as second of four layers, but as soon as its getting warmer, we will rock them with denim jackets and tie them around our waists - my favorite piece of clothing!

WIN WIN WIN: Henry London Watch

Ever since this Blog was originally made in spring 2009 (seven years ago) and because everyone is obsessed with pretty timepieces, I wanted to thank you guys for your constant following with the rose gold/purple watch by Henry London! Yes, its been seven years of more or less constant blogging - last year, I started to blog at least 2, 3 times a week and this year, it will be at least 4 times a week (lets see how long I can handle this) - However, let me quickly tell you about Henry London. I think there are plenty of watches on the market, looking all pretty much the same, more or less. The special thing about Henry London is the Personality: